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Stand 4 Freedom NB

Who We Are

Stand 4 Freedom NB was formed by a group of New Brunswickers concerned about the heavy-handed and anti-democratic approach to COVID-19 mitigation in New Brunswick.

Our organization is a citizens advocacy group powered by volunteers with a dual vision of fighting over-reaching COVID-19 mandates and holding elected government officials accountable by demanding transparency about COVID-19 information and decisions in our province.

Our mandate is simple; bringing New Brunswickers together to stand up for the freedoms of New Brunswickers.

Government of New Brunswick Propaganda Campaign

The 4 Pillars



Expose the continuous changing pandemic narrative from our government officials.

Expose possible cronyism within government and public sector.



 Expose government officials' divisive language, misleading statements, half-truths, semantics and omission of relevant data.  Furthermore, government officials and public health have willfully ignored relevant science and data to perpetuate fear and compliance in New Brunswickers.



Bring communities of people together for social connections and access to services they are being denied at this time.

Bringing truth to New Brunswickers


Legal Updates

Updates on legal action being taken by Stand 4 Freedom NB.

Information on legal action taking place in other Canadian jurisdctions.

COVID-19 Decision Makers

Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.

- Benjamin Franklin

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