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Pillar II



Stand 4 Freedom NB insists on questioning data coming specifically from the COVID-19 panel press conferences in New Brunswick.  Volunteers have identified numerous occasions where major Government of New Brunswick representatives' talking points were clearly misleading, misrepresented and/or unsubstantiated claims.

Misleading and/or unsupported claims, have been used to justify severe restrictions on individuals, families, businesses and identifiable groups of individuals, unnecessarily.  Stand 4 Freedom NB feels it a civic duty to expose the inaccuracies and often damaging rhetoric from leading officials. 


Commonly consumed media such as CBC, CTV, etc., of today appear to be complicit surrounding the topic of COVID-19.  Not only are they willfully turning a blind eye to the segregation of identifiable groups of individuals and the trampling of individual rights, some outlets actively promote it.

Gone are the days of hard-hitting, truth-seeking journalists who thrived on exposing injustices, particularly government imposed injustices.

Standing up for New Brunswickers

Freedom of Information

A listing of freedom of information requests made to government and their responses.  This section will be updated

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