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Pillar III


Bringing Community Together

Stand 4 Freedom NB is a growing community focused on working together tp bring possible government corruption, disorganization, possible cronyism, and deceitful actions to light in ALL government agencies and departments.


Our contacts are approachable and accept information in strict confidence.

Community Support

Due to COVID-19 mandates and policies, many New Brunswickers are experiencing segregation, isolation and even disownment from their communities, friends and family.

Stand 4 Freedom NB wants to ensure no one feels alone.  We strive to bring like minded people together to form social connections and new friendships.  We are working with partners across the province who are bringing services such as learning pods, health services, sports groups and events to all.  Stay tuned for updates!

Standing up for New Brunswickers

Community Services

A listing of services and social activities being offered in our communities.

This section will be updated

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