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Stand 4 Freedom NB will show the credibility of COVID-19 decision makers has been questionable and inconsistent.  Decisions such as mixed messaging on mask use and continuing to administer the Astra Zeneca vaccine despite other jurisdictions putting it on hold due to safety concerns; then later discontinue it all together.  We will outline how timelines and language have changed over the course of the pandemic in order to suit the shifting narrative.

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It's Not What You Know, But Who You Know?

Stand 4 Freedom NB believes in honest dealings within the public sector.  Exposing any potential cronyism in New Brunswick will lead to a more fair and democratic province as well as rollbacks of COVID-19 restrictions that appear to be supported by many organizations both in the public and private sectors, with little to no regard for the rights and freedoms of New Brunswickers.

The Burden of Proof Is Theirs

In order for government to be able to strip an individual of their rights and freedoms, it must be justified and temporary.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protect our fundamental liberties as Canadians.  It is not an individual's responsibility to justify why their rights and freedoms should remain intact, the burden of proof that the COVID-19 restrictions are justifiable falls on the government, organizations and private businesses that are enforcing these policies.  To date, they have not met this burden of proof. 

Standing up for New Brunswickers

News and Information

For the latest news and information as it relates to unfair practices, policies and actions by government.

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