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Pillar IV

Legal Updates

Stand 4 Freedom NB Legal Updates

We believe in being transparent.  Updates for Stand 4 Freedom NB's legal actions will be posted here as authorized by legal counsel as well as any press releases they provide.

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Other Legal Challenges and Updates

We recognize that all sides to news stories may not always be told.  Stand 4 Freedom NB strives to ensure New Brunswickers have somewhere to go to educate themselves on all perspectives of news stories and to learn about legal action that may not be covered by all news sources.  We seek to provide an alternative perspective than that of the Government of New Brunswick's talking points.  We will use this platform to inform the public with updates and information as things evolve.

Standing up for New Brunswickers

Press Releases

Please follow the link below to see the latest updates and press releases concerning legal challenges against COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.

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