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Addressing The Elephant In The Room

As excess deaths are being reported here in New Brunswick and elsewhere, no one is even suggesting the vaccines could be the culprit behind them. To outright dismiss one of the biggest changes to occur in society as a possible underlying cause is negligent and lying by omission. What do they want to cover up?

PS: It's most likely the vaccine. If that offends you, you may want to stop reading now.

New Brunswick, once known as the little engine that could, receiving accolades from around the world for our low COVID deaths with help from the extreme, inhumane isolation measures designed to keep our shiny status, isn't so shiny right now. We are currently known as having one of the highest excess death rates in the country and now everyone wants to know the cause behind them.

Robert Jones of CBC New Brunswick and Andrew Waugh of Brunswick News are starting to ask questions, we're happy to see that. While we may all be coming at the truth from different angles, the common goal is truth, regardless of what that may look like.

Experts have no clue what is killing people, but they know 100% for sure it's not the vaccines.

Really? As has been pointed out to me thousands of times since March of 2020, I do not have a degree in medicine or science, yet, I'm smart enough to know that when trying to diagnose any problem, the first thing you do is look at what has changed. Simply dismissing the world's largest human drug trials as having any relevance to the now being experienced excess deaths around the world is irresponsible at best.

So let's take a look at some of the possibilities being floated;

  • COVID-19 - This is a non-starter, Minister Shephard stated herself that they (public health) have been completely honest and transparent about the number of COVID deaths in the province.

  • Long-COVID - OK, we'll accept that as soon as someone can explain why it took 18 months for Long-COVID to start killing people, and don't blame it on Delta or Omicron, those were new variants at the time and therefore don't meet the definition of 'long'.

  • Damage to organs due to COVID-19 infection - See Long-COVID

  • Inadequate testing - I'm going to back Minister Shephard up on this one. When going into hospital, PCR tests were required so it's unlikely that hundreds or possibly thousands of cases were missed, particularly if the individual was sick enough to ultimately die.

  • New Brunswick has a higher number of elderly people. Nope, the statistics were adjusted for that, besides, all of the extreme measure taken were to protect the most vulnerable, remember? You don't recall being shamed for 'killing Grandma'? So saying now it was expected that elderly people would die is nothing more than a last-ditch effort to rationalize the complete failure of the so-called vaccines.

  • COVID-19 infection caused heart attacks. Again, this is a non-starter. Information obtained from the New Brunswick Department of Health through a Freedom of Information Request shows that heart attacks were not increased between March 2020 and August 2021. In fact they were fairly average to prior years, if not lower.

Oh wait, it's S.A.D.S!

To be honest, I don't even now where to start with this one and I can't dumb myself down enough to even pretend this is a real thing so I'll keep it short. The new buzzword explaining the growing list of suddenly unexplained deaths is Sudden Adult Death Syndrome or S.A.D.S. No, it is not normal for young, healthy people to go to bed and not wake up and if you believe it is, come on, you're smarter than that.

Unfortunately, S.A.D.S is likely to become a 'new' normal. What changed? What changed?

Excess deaths in New Brunswick began to present in the second half of 2021.

During the entire pandemic, New Brunswick did not report excess deaths, not until the second half of 2021, well May and beyond actually, according to Statistics Canada. Now, one could argue (and they do) that the masking and isolating measures taken in 2020 prevented deaths. Prove it, show me the science to back that up. Also, masking didn't become a requirement until fall of 2020.

People will (and do) argue that Delta and Omicron were more deadly. Omicron didn't surface until late fall, so not the culprit and besides, please refer to the statement above where Minister Shephard states they've been completely honest about the deaths due to COVID.

Here is a snapshot of data pulled from Statistics Canada indicating the number of Deaths (all cause) in New Brunswick by month and year going back to 2015, showing the average number of deaths each year as well as the rate/100,000 population. And yes, I am going to point out that the vaccine campaign started in January of 2021, it became available to most age groups by May of 2021 and the 'get it or lose your income' was announced in early September of 2021. See any patterns?

Neil Oliver gives it to us bluntly.

If you want a blunt dose of reality, here it is. Neil Oliver, and others, have been trying to sound the alarm on the vaccines, adverse events and deaths being caused by them. You don't have to like him, or you can dismiss him as a conspiracy theorist, but if you take the time to listen to this short video, you're going to hear things that are not being reported by legacy media, yet actually happened.

I believe they are treating us as if we're stupid, but I don't believe people are inherently stupid. I believe they are too trusting. And why not, few of us were raised to question authority when something doesn't seem quite right while most of us were raised to believe that government, medical professionals and media spoke truth and have our best interests at heart. For many, it's still too far of a stretch to bend their mind enough to acknowledge that might not be quite true. If there's anything we have learned in the last year, it's that people will do the unthinkable and go against what they feel to be right in order to keep their paycheque, the aforementioned are no different.

What is disheartening is when you you realize just how many of the people in charge, whether of our government, our healthcare or even in how we receive news, lacked the courage to stand up and do what is right, or even question the narrative. The good news is that tide seems to be changing and we welcome it.

To Neil's point about calling us conspiracy theorists, instead of just being mad at us, why not ask yourself how is it that the tin-foil hatters sounded the alarm on AstraZeneca long before the experts did? How is it that they sounded the alarm on Moderna and myocarditis long before the experts did? We've somehow as a society come to equate information we don't like with misinformation, and frankly that's just dangerous. Everything is a conspiracy theory until it isn't and the above are just two examples of that. It's sad that so many additional people had to be harmed during the campaign of denial, and unnecessary.

The control group is not dying in record numbers as they said we would.

If you are following the data on GNB's COVID dashboard, you will see that the overwhelming majority of people dying from COVID right now are considered 'protected'. Of the 63 COVID deaths reported since April 2nd, 42 have been people who fit that definition. Protected is defined as at least 2 shots with your last dose being within the last 6 months. That means that even boosted people are dying. That means you've been duped.

The narrative started out as the vaccines preventing the illness outright, then when that was failing, the narrative switched to telling us that in rare cases some vaccinated people will still get infected, and when it was no longer rare we heard "of course, as more people get vaccinated we will see more vaccinated people die".

Really? Then what was the purpose of the vaccine? Oh yeah, then they started saying the vaccines would prevent hospitalization and ICU admissions and when that was obviously wrong, they finally changed the story telling us they prevent serious illness and death.

That's not even true anymore, as if it ever was. Yet, they continue to push them, why?

Because the vaccines kill off your overall natural immune system and you are becoming vaccine dependent. I'm fully aware that information has been labeled as misinformation, but it isn't. If you care about your health or that of your children, you will go find the studies out of Europe and other places around the world stating this as fact so you can take the necessary measures to protect and rebuild your overall immune system. Or you can keep playing what is in our opinion Russian roulette with the shots and hope for the best. We're not medical professionals so we can't advise you in one way or the other but think back to that time pre-COVID and the advice we were raised on as to how to keep healthy and strong. Contrary to popular opinion, those are time-tested, common sense methods and didn't become fake news with the invention of COVID.

By the way, a seventh wave of COVID is already predicted for fall, buckle up!

But don't take our word for it, you already see it, you just don't understand it yet.

Look around you. Just within your circle of family, friends, workplaces and communities you're already hearing about the increase in new cancers, many already at stage 4 and cancers coming out of remission. The uptake in heart attacks, strokes and clotting diseases. Leg amputations and babies being born with disabilities. While we agree some of this will be attributed to missed diagnoses or lack of healthcare, it is rare particularly where young people developing heart disease is concerned. I'll bet you know several people who all of a sudden find it hard to complete any tasks without struggling to breathe and becoming weak in the legs. This is not normal, or at least it didn't used to be.

Still, no one wants to address the elephant in the room by acknowledging what has changed.


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