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Lives Destroyed Over a Deliberate Lie

Government and health officials repeatedly stated the COVID-19 vaccines would stop transmission of the virus and enacted policies that coerced some to take the shots and banned the ones who didn't from participating in society, all in the name of scientific evidence that didn't exist. Does that make them corrupt or incompetent?

Safe and effective. Two weeks to flatten the curve. New normal. Do your part. Do the right thing. Take the shot to protect your family and community. Vaccination is our only way out of this pandemic. Pandemic of the unvaccinated. Protect Grandma. The mantras used by officials and media, blindly parroted by family, friends, employers and co-workers. If you dared challenge the narrative, you were most often met with the question where did you get your medical degree?’ You were often met with disdain, called an anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist or selfish because you clearly don’t care about those around you. All catch phrases made up by marketing geniuses and touted world-wide. Exactly. The. Same. Phrases. Word for word.

Follow the science.

Let’s talk about this one; follow the science. It turns out the so-called settled science is changing. Weird. First, we were told the vaccines would stop transmission, they didn’t. Then we were told they would keep you from getting severely ill and/or being admitted to hospital, they didn’t. So, then we were told they would prevent death… New Brunswick’s own data shows that’s not true either.

The science didn’t change at all. It turns out that Pfizer didn’t test the vaccine for transmission prevention so there was no science to change. On October 10, 2022, while testifying in front of the European Parliament’s special committee on COVID-19, Janine Small, Pfizer’s Regional President of the Vaccines Division, International Developed Markets, testified the vaccines were never tested for transmission. Go watch for yourself.

Now, some people will excuse this by saying the science evolves as we know more. No. There was never any science to support the declarations that the vaccines stop transmission or that we must take it to protect those around us, none. It was a lie told to us by the people who said they had our best interests at heart and those lies had severe consequences.

People lost their jobs, their careers.

People lost their homes.

Many families shunned those of us who didn’t take the vaccine.

We were vilified and shamed.

We were made fun of for doing our own research while the people putting us down were getting their health information from the likes of mainstream media, celebrities and, oh, let’s not forget Prince Harry and Meghan.

We were made the scapegoat for a crumbling healthcare system, none of which was true. We were blamed for cancelled surgeries, missed cancer treatments and a lack of available hospital beds.

Our children were denied access to play sports or participate in extra-curricular activities both inside and outside of school. Some were assaulted by other students simply because they weren’t vaccinated.

We were denied travel by plane or train.

We were denied visitation with loved ones who were dying in hospital and then denied attending their funerals.

We were forced to perform rapid testing while vaccinated people weren’t.

We were denied access to public spaces like restaurants, salons, sporting events, churches, theatres, and concerts.

Many said we should be denied access to healthcare, some even went so far as to say we should be left to die in the hospital parking lot.

Canadians were denied life-saving organ transplants and in many cases are still ineligible. Why? Because doctors demanded you take the vaccines in order to save your life. Someone make it make sense.

We were told by our Premier that our lives were going to be made so difficult that we would want to get the vaccine, and he tried.

Our Prime Minister called us ‘those people’ who were putting your children at risk. He called us racist, misogynists and asked if we should be tolerated. He referred to vaccinated people as Canadians, inferring that the unvaccinated aren’t.

Our governments, health officials and media encouraged hatred for the unvaccinated.

Dorothy Shephard even greenlighted grocery stores to deny us access, then quickly walked it back.

And a whole lot of people sat by and watched it happen, some cheered it on.

Much to our shock, even the hint that we could be denied access to food wasn’t enough to get the majority of people to stand up, not even our own families. Then a week or so later sports were cancelled for everyone, including vaccinated children and all hell broke lose. What a sad comment on society.

All based on non-existent science. How does that make everyone feel?

The consequences of speaking the truth.

What happens when people do speak out? Well one example (and there an many) would be last Friday, Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo went against CDC recommendations and stated that males aged 18 to 39 should bot receive mRNA COVID-19 vaccines because data showed that there was an 84% increase in relative incidences on cardiac events. To be clear, he did not state that 84% of males in this age group would have a cardiac event, he was stating the number of cardiac events increased by that percentage among young males who had taken the vaccine.

On Friday Dr. Ladapo was cancelled on Twitter and other platforms, by Sunday he was reinstated. Why? Because what he was saying couldn’t be refuted, bodies piling up don’t lie.

And the bodies are piling up, around the world and it’s not from COVID. Yes, we know that people have died suddenly throughout time, went to sleep and didn’t wake up and yes, young people do experience heart issues. But can you count 10 or even 20 in your circle or community within the last 20 years? Can you count the same number in the last 6 months? I’ll bet the answer to the latter question is yes. The experts will tell you they have no idea what the cause of these deaths are, but they are 100% sure they’re not related to the vaccine. Makes total sense. So basically, people are dying from ABV (anything but the vaccine).

96% of COVID deaths in New Brunswick in September 2022 were people considered fully protected.

In New Brunswick, in September, 24 out of the 25 (or 96%) deaths, due to COVID were in people considered fully protected. The single ‘unprotected’ person wasn’t necessarily unvaccinated, that simply means they didn’t have a shot or booster within the last 6 months. Yet, we have the people still attending the church of COVID, who while experiencing their fourth (or more) bout of the illness proudly declaring “good thing I got my vaccines, or it could have been worse”. They’re also likely the ones who will follow both NACI and Dr. Tam’s recommendation that boosters should be obtained every 90 days, meanwhile those of us who are truly unvaccinated are not sick, not occupying all of the hospital beds and for the most part not dying. Believe it or not some people resent us for that.

So exactly who is spreading disinformation? Hint: it's not us.

So, while people speaking out about side effects, deaths and against mandates are accused of spreading disinformation, it turns out it was actually officials and media. They destroyed lives and turned families against each other touting science and data that didn’t exist and a whole lot of people fell for it. Those people should be angry. Others should be apologizing to family, friends and employees they fired.

It was all a lie.


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