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When Cancel Culture Bites You In The Ass - #BoycottLeons Has Gone Canada Wide.

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Leon's Canada is not feeling the love today after their Moncton, NB location hired, then fired a local woman once they discovered she hadn't taken a COVID-19 vaccine.

Let's just start this article by clarifying something; any person who at this juncture still believes the COVID-19 therapies stop transmission of COVID is a moron and just plainly stupid.

Yesterday, a local woman started her first day on the job at Leon's Furniture in Moncton, NB, two weeks earlier she'd gone through the interview process, was offered and accepted the job. When she arrived for her first shift she needed to fill out the necessary hiring forms and while doing so, April engaged her in casual conversation. She stated that she (April) was thankful the vaccine mandates were over because they (employees) all had to get vaccinated. The new employee stated she was glad the mandates were over also since she herself, is unvaccinated.

Poof! Job gone!

Upon hearing that the new employee wasn't vaccinated, April left to confer with some other random employees only to return and tell her she was no longer hired. When she questioned it because the mandates had been dropped in New Brunswick, April responded that it was the owner's mandate.

The very first problem with this incident, aside from the ridiculous policy itself, is that Leons in Moncton's human resources (April) divulged the private medical information of an at-the-moment employee to random other staff members. I'm pretty sure there were some employment and privacy laws broken in there somewhere.

Next, the job advertisement didn't state that only vaccinated applicants would be considered, in fact, the ad didn't mention vaccinations at all. It also wasn't brought up during either the interview or job offer stages. According to April, they didn't put it in the ad because everyone they have interviewed in the last two years had been vaccinated. How does she know if she wasn't asking during the hiring process? And have the vaccines even been available for two years?

And notice how April only offered to pay the employee the legally required 3 hour minimum AFTER the employee thanked her for putting everything in writing.

What does such a policy achieve? It certainly doesn't stop transmission, it doesn't stop people from contracting the virus, it doesn't stop people from hospitalization, serious illness or even death. No, the only thing such a policy achieves is in illustrating that the government and media's campaign to turn otherwise ordinary people into a bunch of 1930's Germans was hugely successful. Who would have guessed?

People like that tend to catch COVID and declare how grateful they are to have all of their shots and boosters "or it might have been worse", lol. And really, how good is this vaccine they are pushing if they're still afraid to catch COVID? Think about that, people like this are so confident the vaccines will stop transmission that they demand others take it to protect the vaccinated people, from catching it. When is the last time you heard something so idiotic?

Can somebody please make it make sense?

Karma's a B

As April stated, all employees had to be vaccinated so that would mean there would be employees who have been fired from Leon's (and likely The Brick) for not taking the jab, wouldn't it? The fact that Leon's Canada is now under a Canada-wide boycott is poetic justice. Personally, I've purchased the majority of my furniture from them during my adulthood, but I won't in the future. If my unvaccinated ass isn't good enough to work there, my money isn't any good there either and the thing is, I may not remember in ten years 'why', but I'll always remember that I'm never going to shop there again.

We just want to say how proud of her, and everyone who are for standing up for their beliefs and for speaking up. This is how we effect change and if we as a society have to keep pushing back against these businesses and corporations and even the managers doing the enforcing, one at a time, so be it.

Boycott away!


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