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Camp Glenburn: Is It Discrimination or Bias? It's Not Science!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Without science, data or even government regulations to back it up, Camp Glenburn in Kingston , NB continues to exclude children from accessing programs due to their COVID-19 vaccination status.

It's kind of unbelievable that in June 2022 and with all of the data available, there are still organizations that cling to the patently false belief that COVID-19 vaccines stop transmission of the virus.

Hint: they don't, they never have.

So without science, data or even government regulation supporting policies that require participants to have 2 (or more) doses of these failing inoculations, it would seem that such decisions are based on ignorance of the facts and/or personal bias. Either way, the people in charge of developing and implementing such policies of which have social, mental health and economic consequences, have a duty to actually have a clue as to what they are talking about, don't they?

Camp Glenburn is excluding unvaccinated children.

It was brought to our attention that the latest organization to choose to not 'follow the science' and instead keep outdated, unscientific ideologies and policies in place for both staff and program participants by requiring at least 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine and breaking little kids' hearts. When contacted by parents, the same old song and dance of - it wasn't me it was someone else who told me to - was parroted.

Quite frankly, that excuse is becoming boring and lacks creativity and intelligence.

There is no such Government of New Brunswick regulation and we reached out to other camps in New Brunswick, YMCA Canada and even YMCA Saint John, the branch Camp Glenburn appears to affiliate with, and none require these vaccines in order to participate in programs, not even YMCA Saint John. So why does Camp Glenburn?

Well, in an effort to be fair we did reach out via email and asked. We requested the science and/or data they used to develop and justify such a policy and also invited them to make a statement explaining the policy. At the time of publishing this article they have not responded.

For anyone who needs to hear it, these inoculations do not stop transmission. Here are just a few references to that fact, there are many more.

This one is especially interesting, information from the Department of Health in Nova Scotia obtained through a FOIA proving that as doses of this drug go up so do the cases. I guess we can rule out the 'effective' part of 'safe and effective', but I'm sure they're still safe though.

Nova Scotia FOIA

Discrimination often stems from biases or ignorance.

For over two years we have been hearing over and over 'follow the science', yet, when the science no longer supports the narrative, as if it ever did, no one wants to actually talk about the science. It's so weird.

And here's the thing, I believe many people in decision making positions within organizations and companies still clinging to these policies designed to make people will 'feel better', do know it's wrong. But for whatever reason, possibly to save their jobs, they remain silent. If only anyone of them had half as much integrity as Robert Tay-Burroughs.

Take the decision by the New Brunswick health authorities earlier this week to once again allow visitors to hospitals... if you're vaccinated. How did they come up with that? Even their own policies of firing unvaccinated staff and keeping out unvaccinated visitors did absolutely nothing to stop outbreaks. Nothing. Yet, they too cling to this narrative without a shred of scientific or medical evidence, and they're losing credibility. When is the last time you had someone yell at you to listen to the experts? Yeah, me neither.

Any organization, business or even individual, regardless of which one it is, who at this stage of the game still feels it's ok to exclude unvaccinated people from programs, employment or social settings is operating from a point of personal bias and/or ignorance, both of which quite often lead to discrimination. As it stands, at least one six year old little girl is crushed that she won't be able to attend camp with her little friends this summer because of biases, lack of knowledge or plain old irrational, misplaced fear. Children have not been adversely affected by COVID from day one and they still aren't. But despite that actual data, instead of gaining what would have been a rewarding and valuable life experience, she's being taught a harsh life lesson. Bravo!

To Camp Glenburn's credit though, they have just announced their program to officially welcome gender-diverse kids. That's fantastic, it's great to see they are working hard to be so inclusive of all children, unless of course the child in question is unvaccinated. But who cares about them, right Camp Glenburn?


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