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Don't Fear The Boogeyman

The Government of New Brunswick excels at segregation, evading truth and placing blame during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So called "Anti-vaxxers" are a labeled people. For the past 21 months, The Government of New Brunswick has successfully branded many people, attempting to create a 'boogeyman' for its COVID-19 press conference audience.

Initially, the COVID-19 panel's boogeyman was just COVID-19 - as it should have been. People echoed the sentiment "we're all in this together".

One of the first signals that we were not in fact all in this together, aside from people hoarding toilet paper and cleaning supplies, was when a Novel boogeyman happened accidentally one time when Blaine Higgs, Premier of New Brunswick went off script during one of the COVID-19 pressers and gave the public just enough information to be able to identify Dr. Jean-Robert Ngola as having tested positive for the virus and with zero proof, blame the doctor as being ground zero of an outbreak which ultimately resulted in New Brunswick's first COVID-19 death.

After the province experienced its first COVID-19 related death, Premier Higgs lashed out, blaming a "medical professional" in the Campbellton region who was in his words "irresponsible". He didn't say whether the medical professional was a doctor or nurse, but stated the person travelled to Quebec for "personal reasons" and did not self-isolate upon return. We would later learn Dr. Ngola's personal reason was to retrieve his then 4-year old daughter as per her custody arrangements.

In light of the Premier having given all those details of the incident, within one hour the local community identified and publicly named Dr. Ngola on social media, turning New Brunswick's petrified residents into a lynching mob. This eventually resulted in the province being sued by Dr. Ngola alleging abuse of power, negligence, defamation, malicious prosecution and a breach of charter rights and the doctor fleeing the province in fear of his life.

Although the original charges against Dr. Ngola have been dropped, the lawsuit is still pending. To this day Premier Higgs has not apologized because in his opinion he has nothing to apologize for.

What they learned.

The incident involving Dr. Ngola demonstrated that creating a boogeyman would prove to be beneficial, and easy, for government officials. They needn't provide any proof of why they were segregating and discrimination against a person; they need only do it. That, along with just a few emotionally charged words, vague details and repetitive phrases such as 'new normal' and 'social distance' they discovered they could easily turn the citizens of New Brunswick against one another.

Since then, should a reporter ask for verification of statistics or reasoning for restrictions, mandates and segregation, Dr. Jennifer Russell, Chief Medical Officer of Health for New Brunswick, performs the coined Jennifer Russell, unable to find the statistics or verification in her binder of papers. She then calls the next question. Done. Never a follow up. Never a verification. Never an explanation as to what data drives these draconian, barbaric, military style mandates. Media doesn't force the issue, demand answers or call officials out when they blatantly ignore the question. Many New Brunswickers don't question either group, we have just been trained to trust.

This would later come in handy during vaccine rollout.

They had a problem to solve; you're up unvaccinated people.

Unfortunately for government and health officials, many New Brunswick citizens do not blindly trust them or media. Through use of the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, citizens have had to hunt down facts and figures. Information requests have brought to light that GNB mandates often have not been based on science, data or even noteworthy statistics. Imagine our surprise. The COVID-19 panel simply thought up a new group to blame for the worldwide pandemic hitting Maritime soil, then blamed them. Publicly. Ferociously. Falsely. That group would be New Brunswickers who remained unvaccinated.

"Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a time that people gather with family and friends. But social gatherings of unvaccinated New Brunswickers is driving our current situation." – New Brunswick Premier, Blaine Higgs, October 5, 2021

Make it personal.

Unvaccinated people were a natural Boogeyman, for a while. Data, having been pried out of Dr. Russell's binder via freedom of information requests, proved the vaccinated population was dying in greater numbers, taking up hospital beds in greater numbers and wait for it - also spreading the virus in greater numbers. Whoops.

But did these facts stop government and health officials from throwing unvaccinated New Brunswickers under the bus? Nope, they doubled down. They blamed the unvaccinated for causing outbreaks, playing on emotions and fear, making it personal by asking families and friends to exclude these people from social gatherings and celebrations, even their homes. They divided us. They convinced the public that unvaccinated people were a danger in restaurants, theaters, sports and even workplaces. They played on emotion and fear and blamed unvaccinated people for spreading COVID-19 and risking giving the virus to our children who would in turn be responsible for transmitting the virus to and killing Grandma. Yes, they state publicly and have our children convinced that they, the children, are going to kill Grandma. That's a new low.

But hey, it was effective. When the unvaccinated were banned from social settings, no one cared. When the unvaccinated were fired or suspended from their jobs, no one cared. When it was optioned for unvaccinated people to be able to be banned from grocery stores, a few more cared but not enough.

Not only did people not care, many supported and cheered for this segregation saying it still wasn't going far enough and demanding the government punish the unvaccinated even more.

A new Boogeyman is born, then another.

But some of the vaccinated population were starting to question the mandates, starting to question the data being used, questioning why vaccinated people were also being restricted once again. The fear was subsiding. Once the information requests were released from Public Health, of course GNB's COVID-19 dashboard had a facelift and began accounting for the statistics with flagrantly flawed and misleading diagrams, while switching the measuring and reporting techniques in hopes that COVID-19 update followers wouldn't do the math.

Just in time for the COVID-19 vaccines to be granted emergency use authorization for children under the age of 12. Government and health officials had found their new boogeyman!

Dominic Cardy, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, having zero children of his own and having been recorded stating the children of New Brunswick belong to the state, spent the entire summer of 2021 calming apprehensive parents about back to school plans. Minister Cardy who is one of few officials who actually does pay attention to the science, sometimes, wisely told parents that kids are not affected by COVID-19, they have mild symptoms and there is a very low probability that healthy children will die due to the virus. In his view, our children needed to get back to some form of normality, for their mental wellbeing. The science agrees with that, we agree with the science.

Demonic Dominic, as his followers on twitter call him, had been missing in action completely for the last month. Weird. But then again, after reassuring parents that school was safe and using 'back to school' as an excuse to force jab teachers and other public servants, stating the measures are to keep unvaccinated children (or plague children as he likes to refer to them as) safe, he must stay at arm's length and refrain from referring to these little under-aged monsters as super-spreaders. That job will have to be left up to the others.

Premier Higgs, Dr. Russell and Minister of Health Dorothy Shephard have been given the green light to exemplify the "case count" in kids while completely ignoring the statistics that 19 children under the age of 19 have died due to the virus in Canada and none have died in New Brunswick. Ramping up the fear campaign that children are the new super-spreader boogeyman and might possibly kill each other and/or Grandma was new on GNB's communications team's agenda.

It's a good thing the world-wide trial vaccine pushers came up with the catchy slogans 'safe and effective' and 'the benefits outweigh the risks' and said it repeatedly until most people believed it 'cause the anecdotal evidence and actual data sure suggest otherwise. Checkout the statistics for vaccine induced myocarditis in this age group from Ontario and judge for yourself whether or not the benefits do in fact outweigh the risks.

Turning attention to workers who are hesitant to have a COVID-19 vaccine due to the drug still being in clinical trial, Government now has a perfect boogeyman.

This boogeyman was an 'anti-vaxxer' and my goodness, they worked with you, in the same office, in the same building! They were unclean, and dirty disease spreaders and therefore not allowed to even eat lunch with those who 'did the right thing'. This boogeyman needed to lose his job, his income and his dignity.

You watched. As your coworkers, friends and family members were humiliated, shamed and targeted for a personal medical decision, you watched in silence and and did nothing to stand up for them. Definitely, New Brunswickers are safer while that guy loses his house. Many of you are ok with that because 'choices have consequences', right?

After all, it's everyone's responsibility to take a vaccine that doesn't stop transmission to or even contracting the virus from those around us, in order to protect those around us. Those who don't follow the rules are selfish and need to be punished therefore, they need to lose their jobs and be put at risk for homelessness and poverty, to protect the fully vaccinated and for their own benefit.

Here we are.

Normally, people wouldn't be tricked into hating their friends and family, their neighbors or turning on their coworkers, well, not since the 1930's anyway. Normally, people wouldn't be tricked into entering their children into an experimental drug trial. Alas, we are not in normal times. Minds have been captured. The majority have normalized abnormal and immoral behavior. The overlords in New Brunswick have consistently operated outside the bounds of the law. For 22 months, stealing what used to be Canadian cultural values and replacing them with the suggestion that I must live for you, not for me. That last sentence is an entire essay in and of itself to be explored at another time.

Who will fight for you?

Government and health officials will continue to use the boogeyman tactic to make its followers act according to its will, they just need to keep inventing new boogeymen. The new up and coming one is Omicron. But here is one of their problems; Omicron doesn't care about the vaccines. So, after months and months of propaganda against unvaccinated people, convincing you to hate them, publicly shaming them and excluding them from society, your vaccine means virtually nothing. In fact, your vaccine is working so well they want you to take more in the hopes (yes 'hopes' is a scientific term) that this might be the one that works but if not, there is enough on order to try several (as in 8) more times.

Here is their other problem; they can no longer falsely blame unvaccinated people. As Omicron arrives in Canada, presumably by Amazon since vaccinated people are perfectly safe to be around and unvaccinated people so dangerous they aren't allowed to fly, government and health officials are gently desensitizing you to the harsh restrictions you are going to face. For a while, they will keep up the farce by justifying the slight restrictions on you due to the fact that Omicron doesn't respond to the vaccines, such as taking sports away from your kids, while at the same time telling you the vaccines do work and appeasing you just enough to allow drills and practices because the kids are vaccinated. See how that works?

In the end though, you will be segregated, locked down and alienated. Eventually, you will become the new boogeyman.

And by the time you realize that your rights have been stripped away little by little, just as you watched happen to so many of your fellow New Brunswickers these last months, silently, and even though you 'did the right thing', you will have already cast your family, friends and coworkers aside just as the government demanded you do. Who will fight for you?

We will. Vaccinated, unvaccinated, it doesn't matter. We need to unite and stand up against this tyranny, together, just as it should have been all along. Don't fear their made up boogeyman, he doesn't exist.

Stand 4 Freedom NB is taking action. If you have reached your red line or are about to, join us in standing up for the freedoms of New Brunswickers and yourself. We are taking legal action and if you are guided to help, please click here to reach our Go Fund Me.

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