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Why Don't They Know? Excess Deaths on the Rise in New Brunswick, Dorothy Hasn't a Clue Why. Shocking

Updated: May 15, 2022

With 636 excess deaths in NB in a few weeks, the words 'unsure', 'unlikely' and 'doubt' from New Brunswick's Health Department don't make us one bit confident in the information being supplied to New Brunswickers.

Hon. Dorothy Shephard, Minister of Health, New Brunswick

Could someone please explain to us why this woman still has her job? More specifically, why is she still the Minister of Health? For all her grandstanding a year ago when she announced her department would take over the hiring process and solve the doctor and nurse shortage, in six months no less, she failed. Mystery brain illness? She promised families they would have answers, she failed. Mental health services? She failed. She has failed at most of her duties, yet, so many people still believe her to be fully competent in mitigating the world's deadliest pandemic....

It's more likely what makes her perfect for her job is that she is a yes-man and that she's proven her loyalty, her ability to keep her mouth shut and just do as told. I mean, she has perfected the ability to stand in front of reporters and say 'I don't know'.

Funny story; a long time ago I had a dog who knew she wasn't allowed on my bed, but sometimes if I was lying there reading she would try to sneak up. She would close her eyes while doing it, I assume she figured if she couldn't see me then I couldn't see her. It was cute.

'I don't know' and 'I'll look into it' is Dorothy's (and others') version of sneaking up with their eyes closed. They hope if they stall long enough and distract us with shinier objects, we'll forget about it and move on to something else.

Honey, Wayfair doesn't sell a rug big enough for you to sweep this mess under.

Inadequate testing?

According to this CBC article, Tara Moriarty, an associate professor and infectious disease researcher at the University of Toronto, the excess deaths are likely due to inadequate testing.

"Most provinces, including New Brunswick, only report COVID deaths if there's a positive PCR test associated with them," said Moriarty. "A big part of why COVID deaths go underreported is because there's limited access to PCR testing and New Brunswick has for quite a long time under-tested compared to Quebec, for example."

Hmmm. Maybe Ms. Moriarty should do some actual or better research when commenting on specific incidents. According to the statistics pulled from GNB's COVID dashboard, during the time period in question, testing in New Brunswick jumped from an average of 500 tests, or less per day to an average of 3,000 or more per day. Why? Because officials had to begin to lay the groundwork for their narrative that unvaccinated New Brunswickers needed to be banished from society, so they implemented policies that saw only unvaccinated individuals requiring testing in order to go to work, therefore artificially inflating the numbers.

Keep on researching though......

She doesn't have a clue.

When asked why there are excess deaths, the answer Minister Shephard gave was; "I cannot explain those numbers at this actual moment, but the department has been asked to look at it, and it will do so as we progress through our evaluations," she said.

Well, there's a big bunch of word salad. Why did your department actually have have to be asked to look at it? We're actually supposed to be in the throws of a worldwide crisis, why isn't the actual data already being tracked? Or is it actually being tracked and you want to pretend it's actually not? 'I don't know, but I'll find out' is an actual well-known, common stall tactic after all. Are you buying time for marketing to come up with a spin the gullible will actually buy? Is there an actual reporter out there with the balls to ask these questions?

"It is unlikely that observed excess deaths would be attributable directly to COVID-19" – Hon. Dorothy Shephard, Minister of Health, New Brunswick

Everything seems to be a mystery these days. She (and others) are so absolutely certain the COVID-19 vaccines are 'safe and effective', yet, they are uncertain about everything else, weird. They extorted people into taking a drug that is still in phase 3 trials but can't answer any questions now that things are starting to go sideways. The vaccine has not proven itself to be effective, are we still to believe it's safe?

This isn't rocket science.

The coroner's office would have this data if any of them truly wanted to know the answer. A good old fashioned Excel spreadsheet and a few days would answer the question. Hell, with the click of a few buttons, the software can quickly create a pretty chart, if that makes the data easier for Minister Shephard to comprehend. And bonus, the chart can be printed in colour, she won't even have to dig out her crayons.

Here's the real answer; they already know there are excess deaths and the reasons why, they just don't want you to know.

They knew.


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