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Ottawa Police Chief Is Pissed That Officers Might Be Giving People Food. Really?

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly promises to pursue charges against any officer that would provide food or water to protesters, to the fullest extent of the Police Services Act and possibly the Criminal Code. Seriously, he said that.

How sweet, I think New Brunswick Minister of Health Dorothy Shephard just found her soulmate. For those who don't know, last December Minister Shephard gave the greenlight to grocery stores to be able deny access to food to people who have chosen not to participate in the COVID-19 drug trials and were subsequently unable to produce a segregation pass to enter the store. That decision has since been reversed after what was apparently unexpected backlash from the public as a whole.

Minister Shephard, meet Chief Sloly.

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly speaks at a February 4th press conference regarding Freedom Convoy 2022

During a February 4th press conference regarding Freedom Convoy 2022, Chief Sloly was asked about reports of officers helping protestors by escorting fuel trucks and delivering food and water. His response was that he was unaware of any facilitation of these items by his officers or any other police service. He also stated that should he find that is the case, he would conduct a full investigation and added "I will use the full extent of the Police Services Act and, if relevant, the Criminal Code to pursue charges against such a member who would do that."

"I will use the full extent of the Police Services Act and, if relevant, the Criminal Code to pursue charges against such a member who would do that." - Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly, February 4, 2022

Now, I've never been in law enforcement and can't really say I know any police offers personally, but I thought policing was a family, a brotherhood if you will. That short of actual criminal activity, members have one another's backs because they need to be able to trust the people around them when in a life threatening situation, with their lives.

Not only did Chief Sloly throw the members of his force under the bus, he backed that bus up and ran over them again.

Peaceful protest is a protected right under the Charter.

Yes, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects Canadians' right to peaceful assembly. As inconvenient as this truth may be for some people, it is still a truth. Chief Sloly knows this as do the officers under his command.

And let's be clear; the officers on the ground at the protest are doing their jobs. They are dealing with any incidents and making arrests as needed but they are also serving and protecting everyone. I'm not on the ground in Ottawa so I don't know if any of them have given food or water to someone on the convoy, but I would like to think that if they have, it's not because they're being treasonous or aiding some so-called insurrection as legacy media would like you to believe it is, but that rather it's because they are behaving like human beings who actually give a shit about other human beings. For this they need to be investigated and possibly charged?

More elected officials weaponize a police force against citizens.

Apparently elected officials in Ottawa weren't paying attention last month when New Brunswick Minister of Education, Dominic Cardy attempted - and succeeded to some degree - to weaponize the Fredericton Police Force against a segment of the population he openly despises and displays hatred for; people who remain unvaccinated against COVID-19.

Hats off to Fredericton Police Chief Roger Brown, Fredericton Mayor Kate Rogers and members of the Fredericton City Council who publicly condemned Minister Cardy's interference in police operations when he requested they fulfill his personal vendetta. Also, good for them for following up by formally requesting Premier Blaine Higgs investigate and ensure something like this doesn't happen again. Premier Higgs has chosen not to pursue any repercussions against Minister Cardy, an unfortunate decision I'm sure voters will not readily forget when choosing their respective MLA's in the next provincial election.

Political interference in the daily operations of a law enforcement agency should be unacceptable to everyone, especially a Chief of Police. Understand, Chief Brown, Mayor Kate and council did not side with protestors last month, they sided with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as it should be.

Another public relations nightmare.

As Freedom Convoy 2022 headed east on the road to Ottawa, elected officials and legacy media tried to downplay any potential effect it would have. They refused to acknowledge the size of the convoy, trying to convince people who actually still believe their reporting that a few trucks were headed to the city, no biggie, nothing to see here. Our Prime Minister said they were nothing but a fringe minority with unacceptable views.

Then the videos started surfacing on social media. Videos of kilometers long convoys of trucks and their supporters. A few days later, the convoy from the Maritimes started out, heading west. Across Canada almost every overpass was filled with people waving Canadian flags and holding posters of love and support for the truckers, and most of all, displaying hope. All the while media was still trying desperately to convince Canadians that what they were seeing with their own eyes wasn't real.

I saw a social media post recently that said "in a week, the truckers and Freedom Convoy have done more for unity and the mental health of Canadians than our elected officials and health officials across Canada have done in two years". I absolutely agree.

In an attempt to cover up what must be a complete embarrassment for them - although after the quality of 'unbiassed' journalism they've been producing for the last two years, I'm guessing their humiliation threshold is pretty high - so-called journalists combed through the crowd of tens of thousands of people, like looking for a needle in a haystack, and found the few individuals whose actions would still support their narrative of chaos and mayhem and the false flag that wanting freedom = racism.

What they aren't showing you are the stories of Ottawa residents joining the people participating in the convoy, who are cooking food for them and donating supplies. The city isn't clearing the sidewalks in that area right now, in all fairness it could simply be due to logistics, but 500 shovels were donated and protestors have cleared the streets and sidewalks themselves. They go around nightly and pick up any garbage. After antifa attacked the local soup kitchen - an event where media was all to happy to not use their investigative journalism skills and instead simply blame on the truckers - protestors donated to replenish their food.

Protestors cleaned up and are now protecting the Terry Fox memorial and the Tomb of the Unnamed Solider. These are just obvious examples of the good things happening in downtown Ottawa but there are so many smaller, individual examples of the acts of kindness and generosity being shown for us to list in this article, yet the pearl-clutching members of society want to cling onto that one confederate flag someone unfortunately had in the crowd, desperately trying to hold onto the delusion they've been fed - and accepted - that wanting your freedom is somehow selfish and shameful... come on.

History is being made right now and we all get to chose which side of that history we will be on. In case no one has noticed, there is no historical event that I can think of in which the oppressors are thought of in a favorable light or remembered as heroes. And the world is watching.

People are inconvenienced.

Is it inconvenient to have city streets blocked, tens of thousands of people filling the area around parliament, music blaring and horns honking for the local residents? I'm sure it is. Do you know what else is inconvenient? Having your rights stripped away more and more for refusing a medical procedure that until 2021 would have been absolutely no one's business except your own. Not being able to join family and friends at a restaurant, take your kids to the movies or watch them play sports, if they can even play sports. Not being able to workout at your local gym or even get a haircut.

It's inconvenient to be a small business owner who through shutdown after shutdown is facing losing the very thing they have poured their heart and souls into building.

Do you know what else is inconvenient? Being disowned by family and friends, excluded from celebrations simply because government told them to. Being denied the chance to say our last words to loved ones in hospital or in worst cases, attend their funeral.

It's inconvenient to be labeled selfish, disease spreading racists by those of authority and those sentiments being parroted by the people in your circle of family, friends and coworkers.

Most inconvenient of all is being denied the right to work and earn a living in order to support ourselves and our families for the sole reason we didn't take a vaccine that doesn't stop transmission of COVID-19 - all in the name of stopping transmission of COVID-19.

So while we may sympathize and feel bad for for the residents at the epi-center of the protest, we don't feel bad enough to continue to be denied the rights that we are afforded as Canadian citizens or to continue being the scapegoat and punching bag for the sorry state our healthcare systems were in long before COVID-19 arrived, or for one failed policy after another. Sorry, not sorry.

Direct your anger where it belongs; at government and health officials as well as media who sold you the lie that we can eradicate this virus completely and stole two years of your life in the process. Or don't. You can cheer on Chief Sloly and people with his mindset who think that providing food or water to a person who needs it should result criminal charges. The choice is yours to make, after all Canada is still a free country.


Stand 4 Freedom NB is taking action. If you have reached your red line or are about to, join us in standing up for the freedoms of New Brunswickers and yourself. We are taking legal action and if you are guided to help, please click here to reach our Go Fund Me.

** Update: In light of Go Fund Me's recent actions against Freedom Convoy 2022, the Stand 4 Freedom NB team is looking into an alternate platform to fundraise for the legal challenges we have filed and an announcement will be made soon. Meanwhile, if you would like to help, the option to donate by email transfer is still available and can be accessed by email to Thank you for your support.

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