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Province Admits to Inflating COVID-19 Deaths

Health officials in New Brunswick admit to including people who died for reasons other than COVID-19 but who tested positive with the virus, in the overall COVID-19 deaths for NB.

In the Government of New Brunswick COVID-19 press release on December 11th, it states that a person aged 30-39 in the Moncton area who had COVID-19 died of non-COVID reasons - yet the death is included in the total COVID deaths on GNB's dashboard.

We deserve answers.

A few days ago, The People's Alliance of New Brunswick party leader, Kris Austin who is also a member of the all-party COVID committee, requested an inquiry into the handling of the pandemic in New Brunswick. The motion was voted down 23-20, basically PC MLA's vs everyone else.

Mr. Austin isn't alone in feeling that we need a thorough investigation as to how government officials have handled COVID-19 mitigation in the province; almost half of New Brunswick's Legislative Assembly agrees with him along with a sizable portion of he public.

We have put our lives on hold for 21 months. We've not seen family as much as we should, if at all depending on where they live. We've missed out on birthdays, holidays, being able to spend someone's last minutes with them and have been unable to have or attend funerals. We've lost our sense of community as we're told we need to socially distance ourselves. We deserve answers.

Families have lost loved ones, not due to COVID-19 directly, but due to the toll on mental health these mandates have caused. Overdoses, abuse and suicides are happening. The children's crisis line in New Brunswick has seen a dramatic uptake in calls since the beginning of the school year. These families deserve answers.

Businesses have sacrificed too. From complete shutdowns to reduced operating capacities, many are struggling. They've been told they have to turn away business from unvaccinated people only to experience exposures in their establishments anyway. They've lost valued employees and probably customers. They deserve answers too.

The public deserves to know how COVID-19 cases are counted in New Brunswick. Many of us have felt for quite some time that the numbers in every area have been over inflated, or the way cases are counted changed in order to suit a narrative, yet another 'conspiracy theory' that appears to be true.


#1: Why Is The Issue Of Inflating COVID Deaths So Important?

It's important because if we catch them lying or twisting the truth regarding the number of actual COVID-19 induced deaths, how do we trust anything else they tell us?

What is the testing ratio of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people? They tell us that 'most' of the cases are in unvaccinated people but who are they testing? They don't tell us. If they test 10 vaccinated people for every 100 unvaccinated, then yes 'most' of the new cases will be in unvaccinated people, but would that really be a true representation of what is actually happening in new cases?

When they tell us that 40 people are in hospital with COVID, are these people there primarily due to COVID, or, are they there for "non-COVID related reasons" and just so happened to test positive for the virus?

The same question applies to ICU admissions. Now this one is really important because the latest imposed state of emergency is based on the number of people in ICU, there must be under 10 in order to have it lifted. If they are playing with these numbers, that means the public and businesses are being wrongfully locked down and impacted.

#2: They Have Been Known To Play With Reporting

For a few weeks In the spring of 2021, in order to push the narrative that rotational workers were the reason for COVID-19 in New Brunswick, health officials began including out of province cases in our numbers and out of province hospitalizations in NB's hospitalization numbers. After getting called out for this tactic because we'd been told all along this was about protecting New Brunswick's healthcare system and out of province cases don't affect us, they stopped including these cases in our overall numbers. But you see, telling us how many out of province New Brunswickers tested positive for COVID fit the narrative, didn't it?

Why would they do that?

Dr. Jennifer Russell, Chief Medical Officer of Health for New Brunswick

Health officials were giving a breakdown of the actual number of new cases, hospitalizations and ICU admissions each day while stating this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. When those numbers began to show that just as many vaccinated people were impacted as unvaccinated, they suddenly stopped giving the number of people and instead switched to reporting per 100,000. Even though the cases were running 50/50 and sometimes higher in vaccinated people, the graphs showing 6.3 per 100,000 vaccinated vs 24.3 per 100,000 unvaccinated fits their narrative better, doesn't it?

Why would they do that?

And now we're learning that deaths not specifically caused by the virus are being included in the overall number of COVID-19 deaths reported for New Brunswick.

Why would they do that?

One theory is that they need to keep the population in fear and therefore compliant. But, that's probably just a conspiracy theory and it's probably wrong just as all the other conspiracy theories have been....

#3: If You Can't Trust the People In Charge, Who Do You Trust?

This is where it gets tricky. Should you blindly trust what health officials are telling you? No. Should you blindly trust what the media is telling you? No. Hell, you shouldn't even blindly trust what we're telling you. Verify, verify then verify some more.

Trust yourself. People will try to shame you for doing your own research and looking for information outside of the usual government and media outlets, don't let them. We've all spent hours researching that new car we wanted to buy, or the cough medicine we're giving to our kids in fact, or the symptoms our 3 year old has to see if they need medical care, in fact we're expected to. This is no different. One thing is clear, if heath officials are manipulating how they are reporting COVID-19 data in New Brunswick, you may want to question the integrity of both the data and the people who are presenting it to you.

Stand 4 Freedom NB is taking action. If you have reached your red line or are about to, join us in standing up for the freedoms of New Brunswickers and yourself. We are taking legal action and if you are guided to help, please click here to reach our Go Fund Me.

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