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If Your Children Watch Fay and Fluffy, You Might Want To Read This

Updated: Apr 6

The Sexualization of Our Children - Part 3 takes a deeper look into so-called 'beacons of light' Fay and Fluffy. Role models? Ah, no.

Warning: This article contains mature language, adult content, images that depict explicit sexual acts as well as sexual violence against women and is not appropriate for young audiences.

Part 3 of this series focuses not on the drag entertainment industry as a whole but rather on the dark reality of some individual performers who choose to engage in the X-rated adult side of the art form while also promoting themselves as child entertainers, Fay and Fluffy.

When I interviewed Tammy Morrison a few weeks ago for part 1 of this series, is when the details of Fluffy's other aliases and online content was brought to my attention. She simply became curious one day after seeing the two of them on a Kid's Helpline advertisement and wondered what all the hype was about. The content below is what she discovered and it is disturbing.

Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, no one is asking for drag to be outright banned, we are asking this highly sexualized, adult entertainment be kept out of the public spaces that are shared with our children. If a parent truly believes their child needs to be exposed to this as a way to somehow make that child a better person, that is of course their right. Book a private venue, have a backyard bbq, no one cares. But keep it out of our classrooms and public libraries.

Image 1: CBC article touting Fay and Fluffy as beacons of light for young hearts and minds.

Image 2: Fluffy simulating performing oral sex on Fay.

Image 3 and 4: Fluffy (aka Kaleb Robertson, aka Daddy K) making his debut as a violent porn director on Flickr with his photo series titled "Give Piece of Ass a Chance".

Image 5: Fluffy (aka uncle_kaleb) posted on Instagram a few weeks ago in Feb 2023.

For those of you who don’t know, Fay and Fluffy are two drag queens from Toronto and their tv series – The Fabulous Show with Fay and Fluffy – debuted on Family Jr in February of 2020. Today’s Parent magazine declares that they 'love it' while lauding them as a whimsical duo who read picture books and discuss a variety of topics from their colourful, cabaret-style set.

Fay, whose real name is John Paul Kane, a Toronto area kindergarten teacher, also known as Fay Slift, Face Lift Ladybear Extraordinare, and Iamladybear and Fluffy, whose real name is Kaleb Robertson, aka Fluffy, Fluffy Souffle, Daddy K, uncle_kaleb, appear to have performed together for roughly a decade, but have also appeared in other productions. Here while using his stage name Ladybear Extraordinaire Fay Slift, Fay stars in a b-grade slasher movie. And Fluffy, aka Fluffy Souffle stars in this b-grade movie as a nurse who when they discover a vegetarian at dinner, has a cucumber pulled from her vagina and saves dinner.

In 2020, CBC celebrated them as ‘beacons of light’ for their story time show. In the article found here, Fluffy had this to say: "So many people out there [have been] hating on what we do — attacking us as people, attacking me for being trans, attacking us for working with kids," says Fluffy. "For people to attack that and put such a disgusting negative spin on our relationships with kids really cuts deep. It's really hard. I think that we're both very sensitive people, which can be hard. We both have big feelings, which is why sometimes some of the negative stuff is as hard on both of us."

It's easy to dismiss parents’ concerns and simply label them Christian zealots, the morality police, homophobes or bigots. The reason I wouldn’t bring a child to one of their shows isn’t because they are trans, it’s because they keep one foot firmly planted in the highly sexualized side of drag while simultaneously trying to convince us all they are our children's next fairy god mother.

And for those who would defend this; are you really saying you are ok with a grown man who just a few weeks ago was shaking his bare ass on Instagram, reads Thomas the Train to your child as long as he's wearing a dress? And if you are ok with it, would you let him do it in the outfit he's wearing in the ass shaking video?

Are we painting every person who performs in drag with the same brush? Absolutely not. But while we're being told we have to sit down and shut up when it comes to our children, the people in a position of authority and pushing this agenda aren't doing their due diligence when it comes to the individual performers, are they?

Let's take a look Justin Toodeep, or 'Justin 2D' as they prettied up the name for the innocent children's event. Here's what she thinks of your children.

"Instead of fighting kids in middle school, I'm gonna fuck your mom"

Or how about this one, telling the audience not to acts like cunts?

There you have it, the role models you must expose your children to in order for them to grow up tolerant, or else you must be shamed. It's clear the public libraries vet the people they present to your children just as well as the books. Actually that not true, you or I would have to present a security clearance, but when Tammy asked the question at the library, she was told this group isn't required to give them a security clearance. If anything, you should be angry about that.

I understand this article will be turned into a big sweeping, dramatic "oh, they hate the LBGTQ+ community", but just stop. There are politicians getting their 15 minutes by introducing a bill to protect trans people because of what they say is the rising hate crimes against them, but they can't tell us what those hate crimes are, media is playing it up but they can't answer that question either. are they seriously suggesting that because parents are saying 'no', that is a hate crime? Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me.

Ask yourself why the big push all of a sudden? Why do we all of a sudden need this in the classroom? Why won't they move inappropriate books a few shelves down and away from the children's section at the library? Why do they push teachers to teach a curriculum that discuss sexual acts, sexual pleasure and fantasies in the classroom with your kids? Ask yourself why all of a sudden the entertainers are fighting so hard to be there.


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