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Getting Your Power Back Requires Taking Your Power Back

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

"We've seen in Moncton that the last circuit breaker didn't have barely any effect. So we need for people in New Brunswick to take their power back." - Dorothy Shephard, Minister of Health for New Brunswick, December 10, 2021

A recent CBC New Brunswick article dated December 10, 2021, sparked intrigue for those labeled "anti-vaxxers". From botched modeling to botched vaccine efficacy, those exhibiting Trial Vaccine Hesitancy (TVH) have something to smile about.

The CBC article underplayed big admittances usually cast as anti-vax rhetoric or conspiracy theories. Dorothy Shephard, New Brunswick's Minister of Health, finally admitted publicly, the vaccines are not working the way they were supposed to. The vaccines are not working to get things back to normal. The trial vaccine pushers were wrong.

Will the proposed solution be more vaccine? That was a rhetorical question; of course it will. But will the solution be more vaccine simply because our Federal Government overlords have already purchased these vaccines? Remains to be seen, but the anti-vaxxers who have been calling this accurately for months, were proven correct again last Friday.

"I know that there was hope that vaccination would free us. We now know that that's not the case." - Dorothy Shephard

The first stage of acceptance is recognition. How long before the government moves through the stages of denial, anger/aggression, depression and bargaining before it accepts the trial vaccines do not work in the way they were originally proclaimed they would work? That their barbaric actions have likely killed or harmed more people in New Brunswick than COVID ever could? It will be fun doing a quick editorial on how the GNB will handle this grieving process but it could get more absurd first. Trying to starve out the anti-trial-vaccine-hesitancy people is already absurd, the national and international communities agree. I'm not quite sure that's how Minister Shephard intended to become a world-wide household name. It is probably frustrating though, her predecessor received accolades from around the globe for his handling of the pandemic, resulting in few cases and even fewer deaths of New Brunswickers. She's known around the world for suggesting we starve them.

"We've seen in Moncton that the last circuit breaker didn't have barely any benefit and effect. So we need for people in New Brunswick to take their power back."

This is probably the most honest thing we've heard Minister Shephard say during her time as Minister of Health. Well, fifteen hundred [1500] did just that and gathered in downtown Moncton on December 11, 2021. In attendance were vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, united in our efforts for the first time in quite some time. These people exhibited personal accounts of the trial vaccines not working and trial vaccine injuries while also protesting mandates and lockdowns. Dorothy Shephard herself, in this same article, is quoted saying that lockdowns do not work and are damaging to people.

The article goes on to say "Health Minister Dorothy Shephard acknowledged calls to lock down the province. But she said this would only have a short-term impact, until people start moving around again." Really? The tin-foil hat wearers understood that fact back in March of 2020. We're glad she's finally catching up.

"It would also have impacts on physical, mental and financial health", she said. "Everything we do is about finding a balance so that we can protect our health-care system and have as normal a life as possible."

These new admissions from the current Health Minister could be a reason why Kris Austin should continue his call for a public inquiry into GNB's handling of the province's COVID-19 response. Mr. Austin, the MLA for District 38, sits on the All-Party COVID Committee. Sympathetic towards the segregation of New Brunswick citizens, he had a front row seat to the enforcement, military style, cruel and unusual punishment inflicted by illegal province-wide mandates during 2020 and 2021. More on this subject another time.

Dr. Jennifer Russell, Chief Medical Officer of Health for New Brunswick, also mentioned in the CBC article, claims to be able to see into the future using computer modeling. Computer modeling has been wrong and sensationalized worldwide, since the global Sars-Cov-2 computer modeling was admitted to be a failure by the modeler himself, Neil Ferguson of England.

Jenn Russell - master in music - loves sensationalism. Here in the article she is indicating the latest models are 'definitely' going to happen and that she's 'definitely' going to use them. '"The national modeling is 'pretty accurate' in terms of what it's predicting at this moment in time", Russell said. We anti-vaxxers love it when Jenn uses scientific terms like 'pretty', 'mostly' and 'probably'. It 'definitely' gives us a sense of confidence that she 'definitely' knows what the fuck she's talking about.

"It's not a great picture that's being painted", Russell said. Wait, was she throwing shade at Minister Shephard? "Certainly it does highlight the risks and what it is we need to do to continue to mitigate those risks. So we will 'definitely' use that modeling."

To the above quote regarding modeling; of course it highlights the risks Jenny. Of course it highlights the unstoppable spread of a microscopic virus. Of course you will use this modeling Jenny. Your public health leadership has the likes of Dorothy Shephard who has zero healthcare training or experience. We know this because your public health leadership has NEVER expressed boosting natural immunity and creating a healthy physical terrain as further protection for oneself. Never has your public health leadership empowered the individual to be and stay healthy during a supposed health crisis.

The truth is, Dr. Russell has no other option but to use federal modeling. Let's not pretend the modeling is so impressive she actually wants to use it. The real truth is she must use it because the modeling for New Brunswick released on April 9, 2020 predicted that by April 30th of that same year, the province could experience between 70 and 132 deaths, upwards of 125 people hospitalized including a top number of 84 in ICU. On April 30, 2020, in New Brunswick, there were zero deaths, zero in hospital including ICU and zero active cases of COVID-19. That modeling was a dismal failure and therefore she will use any advice "the Theresa Tam" suggests.

What could put an end to the Jennifer Russell show? Omicron and a wide-spread messaging campaign based on the next sentence from the CBC article;

"To date, all reported cases of Omicron in Canada have been asymptomatic or mild."

Stand 4 Freedom NB is taking action. If you have reached your red line or are about to, join us in standing up for the freedoms of New Brunswickers and yourself. We are taking legal action and if you are guided to help, please click here to reach our Go Fund Me.

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