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The 10% is a Great Scapegoat, But is it True?

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Yesterday, January 10, 2022, New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs, during an interview with CBC's Power & Politics, made the following comment regarding mandatory vaccines;

"People are wearing a little thin" on patience towards the unvaccinated. "They [vaccinated individuals] don't see why they have to have restrictions when they have gone the extra mile and got vaccinated. So, it's becoming more of an issue."

The day prior, during an appearance on CTV's Question Period, Premier Higgs had the following to say; "If we continue to have outbreaks because of the 10% that refuse to be vaccinated, then we have to go to the next level".

Frankly, this is concerning in that the number of hospitalizations and ICU admissions are currently, and have been for days prior to these interviews, running 75% fully vaccinated in hospital and 40-50% fully vaccinated in ICU. Today, Dr. Jennifer Russell, Chief Medical Officer of Health for New Brunswick revealed that 24% of hospitalizations are in triple vaccinated people. To continue the narrative of blaming this 'wave' of COVID-19 so boldly and publicly on 10% of the population, a population who have been banned for months from restaurants, entertainment and sports venues and even employment doesn't give us much faith in those leading us out of this crisis, if they truly believe the words they are saying.

Is it intentional? Is he receiving bad information from the department of health, bad advice from his Ministers maybe? Does he consider New Brunswickers to be stupid? Or is it cognitive decline? We certainly hope it's not the latter but given the bumbling mess of a president south of the border, age, years in office and stress can and has been affecting some officials, it's not inconceivable.

He is correct about one thing though; vaccinated individuals' patience is wearing thin - with the government.

Who is making the decisions?

It wasn't the unvaccinated who told you that your kids had to take an experimental drug so they could play sports, then turned around and shut down those same sports. The hashtag

#LetThemPlay wasn't directed at the unvaccinated. The government and experts did that.

It wasn't the unvaccinated who said unvaccinated individuals needed to be fired from working in our healthcare system, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 therefore making patients safer, only to have hundreds of vaccinated healthcare workers at home in isolation due to COVID-19, exasperating the already existing shortage of healthcare workers and the public, vaccinated or not, facing the possibility of full-on lockdowns. The government and experts did that.

Oddly enough, some of the worst outbreaks in our hospitals have been since the unvaccinated employees have been forced out……

It wasn't the unvaccinated who told you that as a tax-paying citizen you deserve to feel safe when you go to a hospital and that you deserve to know that if you or your child need a hospital bed, one would be available for you and not be selfishly taken up by an unvaccinated person, only to fail to keep the promise of making sure every New Brunswicker had a doctor by Oct 6, 2021 and fail to hire more nurses all while sitting on roughly $ 400 million dollars, some of which could have been used to shore up the already feeble healthcare system. The government and experts did that.

It wasn't the unvaccinated who told you that every adult working in the education system needed to be fully vaccinated in order to keep your children both safe and in school, to benefit their education and mental health, then fire the ones who didn't comply and put unnecessary strain on those who remained as well as parents – all in the name of safety - only to once again shut down in-school learning and force many parents (mainly women) to make the very real choice between educating their children themselves or earning a living. The government and experts did that.

It wasn't the unvaccinated who told you to strap a piece of fabric to your face so that you and your children would be safe from COVID (quite the opposite actually), only to tell you almost two years in that you need a KN95 to do that – because the "science is evolving". The government and experts did that.

It wasn't the unvaccinated who told you that your small business is not essential, needed to shut down, then once reopened needed to reduce capacity, then turn away unvaccinated customers so you could remain open and be safe from the spread of COVID, only to be facing the real possibility of more full lockdowns and your business once again being deemed non-essential, having to shut your doors for a yet to be determined length of time. The government and experts did that.

It wasn't the unvaccinated who have robbed you of precious time from your loved ones because of bubbles, isolation, closed borders or cancelled holidays - time that you may not have the chance to make up - all in the name of 'flattening the curve' or defeating COVID only for you to realize that COVID is here to stay, and that we need to stop chasing the dragon. The government and experts did that.

It wasn't the unvaccinated who told you that if you take the extraordinary step of turning your back on family, friends and co-workers because of their private medical choices, that you and your children would be safe from COVID and be able to resume a normal life, only to tell you now that you're also facing full lockdowns because the vaccine is ineffective against Omicron and you and your children are not in fact 'safe'. The government and experts did that.

It wasn't the unvaccinated that sold you the lie that if you and your children took two doses of this experimental drug, COVID would go away and we could return to normal life, only to turn around and tell you that you will need a third shot (booster) and possibly a "booster" every six months or so for God only knows how long. The government and experts did that.

So, what now?

During the interview on Power & Politics, Premier Higgs said their [government and health officials'] initial goal to reach herd immunity was a 75% vaccination rate, then it became 80-90% and now they're hoping 90% will achieve it. Here's a fun fact for the Premier; HERD IMMUNITY CANNOT BE ACHIEVED WHEN THE VACCINE DOESN'T STOP THE CONTRACTING OF OR TRANSMITION OF THE VIRUS, that's 'old and established' science. Whoever is telling him different should probably be asked to resign as that person or people do not have his best interests at heart, have made a mockery of him, publicly, and they should be asked what their motive is for doing so.

Then again, the 10% do make for a great scapegoat. After all, officials and legacy media have already convinced many that the unvaccinated are selfish, misogynist racists who are just 'taking up space' and should no longer be tolerated. They have dehumanized an entire group of Canadians, intentionally. Why not blame them for all the problems including their own failures? That way, the population is looking at what we're NOT doing instead of what officials ARE doing.

Does anyone really think at this point eliminating the unvaccinated will also eliminate COVID? It won't.

If you can read all of the above and still feel your anger should be directed at a mere 10% of the population rather than the people who have been in charge, making the decisions and failing you for almost two years, well, there isn't much more we can probably say to try and convince you.

But I suspect for most of you reading this, you're ready to direct your anger where it rightfully belongs; the leaders, decision makers and legacy media who have lied to and manipulated you for almost two years, only to find cases, hospitalizations, and ICU admissions in the worst state since this pandemic began in New Brunswick. And amongst the vaccinated population at that. Ask them questions, make them explain and justify what they've done or will do, hold them accountable. That is our way out of this pandemic.

Stand 4 Freedom NB is taking action. If you have reached your red line or are about to, join us in standing up for the freedoms of New Brunswickers and yourself. We are taking legal action and if you are guided to help, please click here to reach our Go Fund Me.

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