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To Mask or Not to Mask?

Honestly, we don't care! Please chose what is best for you and let's just all move on.

It took 2 years for the 'experts' to discover that a scrap of fabric left over from your last sewing project wouldn't actually protect you from the world's most deadliest circulating virus and to recommend KN95 or N95 masks instead. Yet, somehow instead of being angry they put you and your children at risk by withholding pertinent information regarding the actual appropriate PPE - for almost 2 years - most people just lapped it up and ran out and bought the latest and greatest version of spaghetti that managed to stick to the wall after being tossed out there. And hey, ride that train baby! It's your right to do so.

Personally, I was really happy to burn my masks yesterday. Yes, I burned them. I was doing my part to save humanity by not sending potentially toxic and biohazardous materials to the landfill.

Oh who am I kidding, I burned them because it was satisfying and fun.

Now we're supposed to be worried about stigmatization, lol

The minute is was announced by Premier Higgs the mask mandates would be dropped, the media, government and heads of certain associations went into overdrive making sure we all know that stigmatizing people who make a choice that is different from ours and continue wearing a mask is bad. Yeah, we already know that discrimination, stigmatization and bullying are bad, we've been on the wrong end of that stick for many months thanks to most of the same people who are now worried about it no less.

Stop projecting your crap onto us. I have never harassed someone for wearing a mask and I have no intention of starting now but thank you for lecturing me on the very things you've been doing. At least now we know you do know those things are wrong, you just didn't care.

Those who continue to mask are going to get a courtesy many of us weren't afforded over the last several months, the freedom to make your own choices without ridicule, loss of income or banishment from society. I'll bet the Prime Minister won't even call you racist....

Here we are on day one of most of the mandates being gone in New Brunswick (that was a long-assed 2 weeks by the way) and the alarmists are clutching their pearls with baited breath, waiting for those numbers to spike in 14 days. Maybe the numbers will spike, maybe they won't but haven't you given up enough of your 'todays' so you can have your 'tomorrows' yet?

Yes, yes, I know. It's just a mask. But we went from 'it's just a mask' to 'lose your job' to 'have your bank account frozen' in a really short amount of time so please forgive us if we don't subscribe to that simplistic, virtue signaling talking point any longer.

The 'experts' lost their shine when their expert advice no longer matched what the masses wanted - SCIENCE!

Do I need to state the obvious of how hypocritical it is for so many to all of a sudden call the very same experts we've been ridiculed for disagreeing with, anti-maskers? And no, we're not being hypocritical for agreeing with the newly christened anti-maskers, we've been saying the mandates should be lifted for quite some time now, the experts are simply catching up. It's not the same.

Circulate all the petitions you want demanding that masks still be required, particularly in our schools, the science or data doesn't support that anymore. Then again, it never did.

And truly, if it makes you feel safe to continue to wear your mask, please wear it.

Oh, and one last question, totally off topic; if government funded, legacy media doesn't talk about the latest Pfizer data dump, does that science even exist? Probably not, so here's an article from just yesterday (March 13, 2022) in which the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, states that a fourth dose of the COVID vaccine is necessary. I'm not sure if a fourth dose will help fight the virus but it sure did help their stock prices. Enjoy.


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