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War on the Unvaccinated: GNB Closes the Places Unvaccinated People Can't Go, Blames the Unvaccinated

Dear Vaccinated New Brunswickers, Government and health officials sold you a lie - a lie that is becoming evident - then lied some more in an attempt to distract you from their failure by throwing unvaccinated people under the bus.

And Legacy media is all too happy to keep the lie going.

During last Thursday's press conference, New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs announced the province was going to level 3, but only for two weeks to give them time to figure out how to come down harder on people who have chosen not to take a COVID-19 vaccine. What it really is, is a way to convince you to stop enjoying all of the things he promised you could keep enjoying if you took the part in the drug trials, because they [officials] know that the vaccinated population is spreading the virus at the same rate as the unvaccinated population but don't want you to know. It's a way to slow the spread without having to break it to you that the unvaccinated people weren't actually the problem.

In all of his 'let's get them' speech he told citizens that we are not going to continue 2022 with lockdowns, continue punishing those who 'have done the right thing' and allow 9% of the population to affect the rest. In other words, you complied and need to be rewarded, those who did not comply need to be punished. To hell with the fact the vaccine is failing, this is about behavior modification now.

He is perpetuating hate speech, full stop. In this clip below he says "we have to deal with the unvaccinated" as though they are dirty, diseased sub-humans. What kind of a leader does that? I know a name or two just popped in your head, we'll leave it at that.

Premier Higgs saying we have to deal with the unvaccinated.

Then he goes on to say that he'll have to stop the unvaccinated from attending large gatherings or places where many people congregate. What? Has he forgotten that unvaccinated people have been banned from the very places he has closed since last September? Yet he says it like it's a new idea.

No, he hasn't forgotten but he hopes you have. Why? It would appear that he thinks New Brunswickers are stupid.

Closing down the places unvaccinated were already banned from.

Will closing restaurants, gyms, hair solons, theatres and sports reduce the spread of COVID? Maybe, well probably, but let's remember who was allowed into those businesses in the first place. It wasn't the unvaccinated. So what is this push to make people believe that it is the unvaccinated population's fault? He's hoping that by doing so the business community won't turn on him. He's hoping that by giving them a target for their anger that when allowed to open up in two weeks they'll continue to enforce his illegal and discriminatory mandates. He's hoping they won't notice the damage that has been done both financially and emotionally to New Brunswickers in the last few months, for nothing.

He's talking down to them and treating them like they're stupid.

Business owners, you are at a cross roads here. You can either keep going along to get along and hope that you don't go bankrupt before this virus is eradicated, which it never will be, or you can decide to group together and take your power back. And you do have the power to make this stop.

A message to the 'masses'.

First, it's interesting that Premier Higgs has started referring to the vaccinated population as 'the masses'. Look up Mass Formation Psychosis if you dare. None the less, he thinks you're stupid too. He boldly lied right to your faces on Thursday when he said that 9% of the population make up over 70% of the hospitalizations. No, not true. According to their own dashboard, over 70% of hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people.

GNB's COVID-19 dashboard on January 14, 2022

Or, is he planning to wipe out your 'vaccinated' status? For the last few days, he and Dr. Jennifer Russell, Chief Medical Officer of Health for New Brunswick have been specifying the number of cases of which the person had their 3rd shot, while lumping those of you with two shots, but past 6 months, in with the unvaccinated. I realize legacy media doesn't tell you that, but watch a press conference or two from last week and see for yourself.

A slippery slope indeed.

One thing we will agree with Premier Higgs on is that a health tax, something members of the public and media is begging him to implement, is indeed a slippery slope.

A very slippery slope.

But we're already on that slope, aren't we? It has now been determined that the COVID-19 vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus. So now, government, health officials and legacy media have changed the narrative to state that unvaccinated people must be excluded from society and lose employment because they are making a personal choice to not protect their own health and therefore are using up healthcare resources.

Hmmm, so by that thinking, anyone who is over their healthy BMI, doesn't eat properly or exercise, in other words, is not choosing to take care of their own health, should not be able to keep their jobs and earn an income, not because they might make someone else sick but because they're choosing to make lifestyle choices that may use healthcare resources? Their choices may affect employers because the employee may to take time off?

Does that mean anyone who smokes, drinks excessively or hell, even goes downhill skiing and breaks a leg should be excluded from society and lose their job? I mean, those are all choices aren't they? I don't believe there should be a 'health tax', but sadly, many people do... as long as it's not directed at them.

Where do we place blame?

I know people who are fully vaccinated but who have tested positive for COVID and are absolutely terrified for people to find out. The stigma around catching a virus that this government, health officials and legacy media has created is downright shameful and it will only get worse now that people who's second dose is more than six months old are also being blamed for this crisis, and yes you are being blamed. They're just doing it subtly right now.

So maybe, just maybe, be should put the blame where it belongs; on a vaccine that has failed. On government and health officials who have failed. On legacy media who have failed.

As a side note, when I say government and health officials failed, I don't mean regarding stopping this virus. They can't, they don't have that superpower. I mean they failed to protect ALL New Brunswickers. They failed to help reduce the fear, which is real for many people, and to keep the population united. They failed to prevent the stigmatization of people who tested positive for COVID regardless of vaccination status. They failed to protect our healthcare workers by making sure there is enough of them that they aren't stressed and burnt out. But most important, they failed by implementing policies that eroded the unity within the population, turned neighbour against neighbour, friends and families against one another and caused divisive and toxic work environments. That's their failure and it could be reversed if they wanted.

But back to COVID itself, maybe no one should be blamed. Maybe we should acknowledge this is a virus like most others and truly start behaving as though 'we're in this together'. Each one of us take personal responsibility for ourselves, as we always have, respect each other's choices and actually work together. Just a thought.


Stand 4 Freedom NB is taking action. If you have reached your red line or are about to, join us in standing up for the freedoms of New Brunswickers and yourself. We are taking legal action and if you are guided to help, please click here to reach our Go Fund Me.

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