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War on the Unvaccinated: When Media Becomes the Propaganda Machine

If the media wants to highlight hateful comments against any part of society, even threats of violence against the unvaccinated population, they need only to look in the comments section of their own website to find them. The same account holders are permitted day after day to spew their hateful rhetoric against unvaccinated people, unchecked.

In the last few days, Brunswick News, through use of their various newspaper publications, has put on a major push to help promote the hateful and divisive rhetoric of Premier Blaine Higgs. I think there's a connection there, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Today, they are running a story regarding Dr. Mark MacMillan, president of the New Brunswick Medical Society being targeted on social media for his comments that the New Brunswick Government should crack down harder on people who have chosen not to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

What did they think would happen when that article came out? While I don't agree with any threats he may have received, anger is a perfectly human reaction to the things he did and did not say. He focused on blaming a segment of society (10% of the population) for the failed healthcare system, and the ongoing pandemic. He did not criticize the government for failing to ensure, two years in, that the healthcare system had adequate staff, adequate resources, adequate beds. He did not ask the population to take care of their health in other manners, such as healthy eating and getting proper exercise, which is important considering most of the hospitalizations and ICU admissions due to COVID-19 are people with pre-existing conditions, many of which are lifestyle related such as type 2 diabetes, etc.

Healthy people do not die from COVID-19.

In the article Dr. MacMillan states that he is concerned that the Level 3 restrictions "are targeting people who have been fully vaccinated and in many cases, and most have had their boosters." Did Dr. MacMillan not notice that the Level 3 restrictions target places that only vaccinated people are allowed? Also, according to the COVID dashboard, less than half of those with two shots have had their booster, not "most".

He goes on to state "they're following all the rules, they're wearing their masks, they're doing the right thing." Guess what, most unvaccinated people are also doing those things, they simply drew the line at taking part in the COVID-19 vaccine trials.

He also suggests that certain stores be required to have vaccination requirements or unvaccinated people only be allowed to shop at particular times of the day. Here's a fun fact, it was decreed in the 1930's that Jewish people only be able to shop for food and essentials during specific times of the day, normally at the end of the day, so that they wouldn't come into contact with the non-diseased population. We'll just leave that there.

Another fun fact, I know of a fully vaccinated family who they and their fully vaccinated extended family chose to break the one household bubble rule this past weekend and they have now all tested positive for COVID. So, there's that...

A question for Dr. MacMillan or any other medical professional who would like to answer; if New Brunswick's population was 100% triple vaccinated, would COVID-19 go away and would hospitalizations due to the virus cease to exist? If it would still exist, who should we blame then?

The head of the Medical Society is in lockstep with the government in requesting punitive measures against people who have chosen to exercise their right to accept or refuse a medical treatment which is still in the trial phase. Unbelievable.

What's almost funny though is that the people in charge have on different occasions spewed hateful rhetoric then complained when they received backlash. Point in case; Minister Dorothy Shephard was upset that she received backlash when she greenlighted grocery stores to be able to require the vax pass to by food.

If these people truly lack the insight to be able to foresee how their comments and calls for punishment, specifically the denial of access to food, will be accepted (or not) by the public, should they really be the people navigating us through the deadliest pandemic of our time?

Now, to make one thing clear. Neither myself, or anyone affiliated with the Stand 4 Freedom NB group, or any other local group that we're aware of, condones violence or even threats of violence against anyone including health or government officials. Period.

Brunswick News, in the above-mentioned article decided to highlight some of the comments against Dr. MacMillan. They highlighted that someone called Dr. MacMillan a "criminal", someone called him a "menace to society", someone called him a "creep". They called out and identified a specific user name, the person it belongs to called for Dr. MacMillan to resign for promoting words of evil to push the narrative and telling him to leave our children alone.

It's interesting Brunswick News has taken such offence to these. Over the last few days one of their 'featured' letters to the editor, written by Thomas Meuller called for unvaccinated New Brunswicker's to be denied healthcare. The same Thomas Meuller who has written letters in the past stating that Clinic 554 wasn't essential to the LGBTQ+ community and believes in the merits of residential schools. Brunswick News doesn't find that offensive?

Several of the letters in recent days written by various citizens have called for unvaccinated people to be taxed and further excluded from society. So, if Brunswick News wants to even pretend they are unbiased, they may want to take a look at their own comment section. Write a story on that, if you dare.

So in that spirit, here are some samples found just this morning. The source for all of the following is the comment section of the Brunswick News website.

Reg_Webb; Finally someone speaking up. Unvaccinated people should not be allowed out in public."

Tim_Biddiscombe: "They [stores} have special times for the unvaxxed? That’s good because those of us who are vaccinated don't want to be anywhere the nutcases who aren’t."

Edwin_Clouston: "Finally, someone is talking some sense, no vaxx no entry everywhere."
Joyce_Long: The contents of the nasty posts show the mindset & intelligence of the anti-vaxxers. Do they really believe the name calling and quoting platitudes are making them look balanced? I agree with requiring Walmart & Costco requiring proof of vaccination. Also Sobeys, Superstore & other retailers that are currently open. I have seen couples with 3 or more kids in these stores. Why does the whole family "NEED" to go to the grocery store? And in a few cases- kids I have seen bouncing around – with their masks below their runny noses, handling items on the shelves. There seems to be a lot of clueless people out there. They need to wake up & face reality."
Bob_Purvis: "I really wish the unvaccinated would volunteer at the hospitals that way we could kill two birds with one stone."

Then they have people threatening violence against those attending the rally this coming Saturday if police don't show up and "do their jobs" as Mr. Hunter puts it.

John_Hunter: "Boy this should get the antis riled up maybe the rally they have scheduled for this Saturday in Fredericton will get violent if the police are not there to do their jobs like arresting and fines issued for not distancing and such."

This appears to be a blatant threat of vigilante-justice against the unvaccinated, yet Brunswick News allows it to remain on its website.

Maybe it's time for Premier Higgs and all others to dial back their public campaign of hatred towards so-called anti-vaxxers before someone like Mr. Hunter does take matters into their own hands and try to eliminate the "problem" as the Premier refers to the unvaccinated population as. From here on out, any violence against unvaccinated New Brunswickers will lay at his feet as well as all the others who are repeating and promoting his "let's get them" rhetoric. We know this is not his intention but it is clearly the effect.


Note: Just before publishing this article, Brunswick News published an opinion piece on its website written by Norbert Cunningham, a Brunswick News columnist and retired editorial page editor with the Times & Transcript. In it he states the question of who it to blame for the ongoing pandemic is as he puts it "settled" and he infers it's the unvaccinated population. He even goes on to suggest that unvaccinated people are responsible for the deaths as well.

It's clear the hate campaign will rage on from government officials and their friends. Lucky for us it's actually helping more and more people see how hateful, divisive and slanted their narrative really is. Keep on carrying on!


Stand 4 Freedom NB is taking action. If you have reached your red line or are about to, join us in standing up for the freedoms of New Brunswickers and yourself. We are taking legal action and if you are guided to help, please click here to reach our Go Fund Me.

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