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Why I Stand Behind #LetThemPlay

Like many, as I went to bed last night I was angry. Not so much because the Government of New Brunswick shut down sports for kids, again, but angry at the outrage. Two weeks ago, that same government suggested it was ok for grocery stores to deny unvaccinated people access to food. Whether grocery stores actually do it or not is a mute point, those words don't belong in the same sentence, ever. Where was that outrage then? Are sports more important than food? Last night I wasn't able to come up with much sympathy for these kids or their parents.

But these kids just learned a painful yet important lesson; their government can and will betray them.

It's easy for me to judge and ask where they were when this happened or where they were when that happened. I remember how betrayed I felt, and sometimes still feel, when most of my friends and family didn't stand up for me when I was told I was no longer good enough to eat in a restaurant, go to the movies, even attend a sporting event. I was angry for the unvaccinated children that were kicked off their teams. I've always believed that teams support each other and have one another's backs and felt that when unvaccinated teammates were removed, the other players should have parked their asses on the bench and refused to play too.

But these are kids. To them, sports probably are just as important as food. And as mentally challenging these past two years have been for us adults, imagine how it's been for them. It's our job as adults to protect the children of this province and we're failing them. We're failing to protect their rights in this moment and we're failing to protect their future rights. Do you really want our kids to grow up in a world where they don't have the choice over what happens to their bodies? Mock me if you want, but open your eyes! It's happening right now, in real time, with a forced vaccine that does not stop transmission, all in the name of protecting those around them. That's the biggest crock of shit I've heard in a long time, wake up!

The truth is, we've all woken up to this bullshit at different times, most people only wake up when it affects them personally. I knew when the government told these kids if they get vaccinated they can play sports, that it was a lie. I saw it for what it was; nothing more than a coercive tactic meant to trick these kids and their parents and drive up the vaccination rates. This goal post shifting was first used against rotational workers in early 2021. They were promised that if they got vaccinated they wouldn't have to isolate from their families when they came home on their rotations. Many did go and get vaccinated only to be told 'oops, we change our mind'. If you weren't aware of that, you weren't awake yet. Why? Because it didn't affect you personally.

When you're done talking to the rotational workers, go talk to the truck drivers and listen to the same stories. Then the people who got vaccinated so they could visit loved ones in long term care facilities and hospitals. These kids are just the latest on a long list of people who have been tricked and lied to. Are we going to blame the victims?

These kids, and their parents, were just fucked over by the government. And do you know what? I'm proud of these kids. In less than 24 hours they organized and hit the streets protesting, making their anger at this government known and standing up for themselves. I can guarantee you there are many in our group who haven't attended a protest yet.

To every New Brunswicker who stood by silently as fellow New Brunswickers, friends, family, and coworkers lost their jobs, their security and their dignity. To those of you who actually jeered and cheered, looking down your nose from on top of your high horse at the uneducated, tin-foil hat wearing, loon anti-vaxxers; let what just happened here be a cautionary tale for you. The day is coming when this government is going to fuck you over too, you just don't see it yet, but you will.

To every person who tells us to just go get the vaccine and you'll have your freedom back, how's that working for you? Oh and by the way, I lost all this stuff months ago. I've adapted and I'm living my life on my terms. Best of all, I don't have to be degraded and 'show my papers' in order to 'be free' and enjoy the life I've built. I also don't have to worry as to when the government will make the next shot, and the next shot, and the next mandatory, then take everything away from me until I comply. You tell me which one of us is free.

I've said all along that I'm fighting for the rights of ALL New Brunswickers, even if they don't see it and now it's time for me to prove it. When you do start to see it and you have questions, you know where to find me. Until then, let's at least stop the division, respect each other's personal choices and instead, stand up for one another and take our power back.

So in that spirit, #LetThemPlay

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